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Life Coach.


Motivational speaker.

We may have different vantage points, but our finish lines are the same. To get married, raise a family, and make an impact. While there will always be hard days to counteract my ambition, we still have to look for the support system. For me, it was my family.

Expressing Myself, Encouraging Others

I’m not just a life coach, stage presence or motivational speaker. I’m proof that even if you don’t know where you’re going, the going gets better. Change is happening, and it starts here and now. On your own campus, even. Let’s book an event together and begin the next young adult chapter.

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Dillon Strouse

About Dillon

For me, music was never merely an outlet, but an intro to life and all its possibilities. I come from a family with an ear and a heart for music.

They all found comfort in it and their confidence through it. When I was 12 years old, I wanted the same and asked my grandfather for a drum set. Moments like those, where I took part of the musicality of the family enabled me to open my own business, Strouse Entertainment; an upbeat company where I’m a regular small-town guy with a large presence providing people with pure inspirational fun while enabling them to create lasting memories.

My Speaking

We all have a story; some we wear on our future alma mater sleeve. Some are told through a wheelchair. However, everyone is more than just an appearance, circumstance or personality test result that brought us to this place online.

At the end of the day, we are just trying to keep our heads up and put in the footwork. I, myself, have experienced a broad range of emotions, talked to crowds, visualized triumph and fulfilled essential goals. Moreover, through it all the most critical thing was to find a safe place to express those feelings - a way to express myself and encourage others.

While my cerebral palsy may outwardly confine me to a wheelchair, it doesn’t impede the radius of impact I’ve made with students struggling to find their passion; to make their metaphoric music.

Topics I cover:
Managing business from a broken body
Entrepreneurship as a differently-abled man
Self Motivation
Disability Awareness

I attended the presentations on Natural Pathways to foster integrative relationships and Mindful Communication. Although, the information is not new to me, it was a good reminder that people need to feel valued and the rest follows naturally in building relationships and deescalating situations both with individuals we serve and those that are a part of our team and those at home. Sometimes, in the hurry to get things done, valuing people gets left behind. It reminded me of the importance of showing people they are valued. Dillon’s enthusiasm and passion was another reminder of why I got into this work years ago and stayed. Seeing Dillon leading a vibrant life is especially encouraging to those who provide hands on daily living assistance everyday and also to those who work to improve systems in the state to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. Thanks to you and all the others for their work in putting the retreat together!

- UCP Attendee

In the fall of 2018, I invited Dillon Strouse to Shenandoah University to speak with First Year Seminar students about his experiences as an entrepreneur with a disability. He wowed students with his honesty, humor, and positive attitude. Students appreciated hearing about his life and experiences in a real and relatable way. In fact, many of them mentioned that Dillon's talk as one of their favorite things about the semester! Dillon's visit was such a hit that we are already making plans to have him return.

- Karrin Lukacs, Shenandoah University

What stood out to me was listening to Dillon Strouse. To see a young man with a disability and doing what he loves and not letting his challenges stop him fulfilling his dream is so inspiring. I think we all could learn from him. You can tell that he truly loves doing what he is doing. He is the change! He is changing how everyone else sees a disabled individual. I truly am inspired and wish him so much success.

- UCP Attendee

I found the keynote speech the most powerful part of the retreat. It was so important to hear that desires for friendship, respect, independence, etc. are universal despite disabilities, and it was so important to hear it from an individual with disabilities who is achieving his goals and able to represent those without a voice. I would love for his speech to be part of every UCP employee’s orientation!

- UCP Attendee

There were several things that caught my attention at the retreat. The most inspiring thing about the whole thing is I love our guest speakers at the end. Dillion was amazing to share his story on being so successful shows that anything is possible. With or with out a disability. To hear his story was just heart taken. I loved it. He was such a happy person to make his dreams come true.

- UCP Attendee

Dillon offered an honest and compelling view into his life as an entrepreneur with a disability. His wit and charm thoroughly engaged the students. They greatly enjoyed his talk!

- Allison Carey, Shippensburg University

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